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Association of Finnish Translation Companies

Founded in 1983, SKTOL is an organisation of knowledge-driven companies which operate in the translation business in Finland. SKTOL promotes the interests of member companies, users of translation services, translators and the sector at large.

SKTOL is a founding member of the EUATC, the European umbrella organisation for the sector.

  • SKTOL esillä Slatorissa   Käännös- ja kielitieknologia-alojen liiketoimintaa käsittelevä Slator kirjoittaa Suomen käännösmarkkinoista ja etenkin Hanselin vetämän kilpailutuksen vaikutuksesta. Artikkelissa haastatellaan puheenjohtaja Katja Virtasta ja tuodaan myös
  • Support for new language services association The Association of Finnish Translation Companies SKTOL and Kites Association have decided to join forces and found a new association of language service providers in 2017.
  • Uusi hallitus, ensimmäinen kokous Liiton marraskuussa 2017 valittu hallitus kokoontui ensimmäistä kertaa 11. tammikuuta. Uudeksi sihteeriksi valittiin Linda Ahlblad Pauhusta. Linda hoitaa myös tiedotusta. Rahastoinhoitajaksi valittiin uudelleen Kati Metsola…

Join us!

A company that has operated full time in the translation sector for at least two years and whose turnover is at the level required by the Association can apply for membership of SKTOL. The company must accept SKTOL's mission, by-laws and ethical guidelines, and commit itself to observing them.

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What's in it for us?

SKTOL provides its members with up-to-date information on international developments and events in the sector, as well as training and discussion on various topics. Members also have the opportunity to influence initiatives affecting the sector, and competitive bidding rounds.

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SKTOL members come in all sizes, from small experts in a given language pair or special field, to large providers of multilingual communication services. The common denominators of SKTOL members include quality, a professional approach and the ambition to develop the quality of translation services and the operating prerequisites in the industry.

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